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admarkCapital.com Celebrates 30 Years Milestone


Business Finance Agency Recognizes Three Decades Serving Small Businesses


     Reno, NV (September 1, 2018) – admarkCapital.com Business Finance Agency celebrates 30 years of providing business solutions for secure, quick easy access to capital for business owners that is not available from traditional financial institutions to balance cash flow and invest in their businesses.

     admarkCapital leverages three decades of experience and data to evaluate a business’ financial health and highlight potential areas for future growth through a Finance Performance Inspection™ covering business loans and advances, point-of-sale customer financing, and point-of-sale tools with payment processing.

Thirty years of ethical straight-forward business practices that put people first

     The company is enthusiastic about continued growth, additional investments in talent and technology, and enhancing customer experience to serve more small business customers with tech-savvy, frictionless funding solutions that put people first.

      admarkCapital's trusted sources have provided small businesses with access to billions of dollars of working capital through thousands of funding transactions. This includes millions of dollars as part of a long-term, strategic approach to continue expanding access to capital for small businesses and helping thousands of small business owners open new locations, invest in new equipment, and hire employees, among other investments. admarkCapital sources serve hundreds of industries, specializing in restaurants, medical offices, home improvement companies and auto repair shops.

     admarkCapital is proud of its proven ability to provide access to capital for small businesses via practical innovative financial tech, and will continue to develop a dedicated, customer-driven professional team. Reaching thirty years is a significant milestone for the company which is excited to use its experience, sources and data to enable even more small business owners to grow with streamlined access to capital.  

     Since 1988, admarkCapital leadership has been a pioneer in specialty small business finance, having provided access to small businesses in a wide range of locations in North America and different business types. As a technology-powered business finance agency, admarkCapital leverages numerous sources with innovative and proprietary risk models combined with daily performance data to evaluate business performance and facilitate access to capital for entrepreneurs in a fast and efficient way.



Business Finance Agency

     Competitive business owners are discovering the business finance agency as a trusted source for customer financing, business funding, and customer payments with point of sale tools -- all in one place -- with one experienced finance director instead of various sales reps.    

     Recent acquisition headlines of $22 billion and $43 billion in the business finance industry point to global leadership changes that have redefined access to finance for small businesses.  Finance tech is the reason, and it is great news for business owners.

     Powerful new finance industry leaders are unfamiliar names to most business owners.

     The dizzying pace of relentless innovation in business finance tech can be bewildering especially for business owners who already are busy running their own demanding companies. 

     It is hard to see how a business owner could ever have the time or the facts to stay current with all the new business finance tools, services, and companies that help determine the success of every small business.  Finance for business is like oxygen for life.


Customer Financing  - more approvals - fewer declines

Business Funding  - quick easy - long term and short term money

Customer Payments  - powerful point-of-sale tools - eliminate reseller costs


     Business owners are familiar with the advertising agency,  real estate agency, insurance agency, and employment agency.

     Now, the business finance agency has emerged to provide easy fast access to customer financing, business funding, and customer payments with point-of-sale tools.   

     Business owners today now have access to the Top 3 sources with direct accounts, the same sources for business finance that major enterprises have used for decades.

     In the past, business owners learned about small business finance from sales reps off the street, typically resellers.  It was haphazard and fragmented for the business owner. The various sales reps have little incentive or ability to work together as a team toward the goals of the business.

     As a result, business owners often feel they are at the mercy of sales reps for business finance - with different reps from companies of unknown ethics, experience, trustworthiness and integrity. 

     For instance, until just recently, all credit card processors used resellers exclusively to acquire and serve small merchant accounts.  Today, the largest payments solutions are working directly with merchants without resellers in the middle.  Some resellers are calling themselves direct processors, a midleading claim. 

If your business has been with the same payment processor for over a year, you might be with a reseller.

     Conventional banks contnue to withdraw from small business funding and close branches.  Local bankers are less and less helpful to small business owners.

     Customer financing is now so easy for customers that they can get approved instantly on any browser and complete the purchase immediately. Approval rates are higher because superior finance tech determines risk and loan offers faster.

     The new leaders in business finance
are global competitors in customer financing, business funding, and customer payments. Each is committed to winning the high stakes challenge of dominating a vast market for small business finance.  Intense competition is generating tangible benefits for business owners through superior service, security, and transaction cost.

     They leverage decades of finance tech development for major banks, resellers, and corporate giants.  Their massive  economies of scale reduce transaction costs and can eliminate resellers.  New point-of-sale tools provide business owners with insights and reports to run their business better with the kind of business information that only large enterprises had until now and at a fraction of the cost.  

     Resellers are not keeping up with finance tech because of the heavy investment required in machine learning for security, artificial intelligence for risk assessment, platforms for mobile applications, and cloud hosting of merchants' point-of-sale data for remote access to a back office portal for real-time business insights and reports. 


The best sources today have the best finance tech. 

You already might have the best finance sources  –or you might not.


 Finance Performance Inspection™    ...three fast questions:

          1. What percent of your sales each month is from customer financing?

          2. How much money could you use to expand, refi - or for operations?

          3. Have you been with your payments processor for more than a year? 

  Customer Financing  —more approvals  -  great credit to no credit - installment loan not a credit card
    Consumers apply on any browser   fast & easy     No merchant fees, no setup, no risk, no minimum

  Business Funding   —SBA up to $350,000 in 7 days   —non-SBA Bank Term Loan up to $350,000
    SBA Commercial Real Estate Loan  —Business occupied .. $500,000 to $5 million
    Short Term Money  —Credit issues OK   Flexible, fast and easy .. up to $500,000

  Customer Payments  —many "processors" are resellers that cannot keep up with finance tech
    Do you have direct Top 3 service, security, cost and point of sale tools?     Or are you with a reseller?


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